Hi everyone welcome to Toucheng Leisure Farm, I would like to introduce you a project, we call it “Take Parents out Project”. This is a project recently we cooperate with the Fu-Kung University, and its idea is about taking the parent out, spending good quality time with parents throughout our activities which we have specially designed.

嗨! 大家好歡迎到頭城農場,今天很高興要跟大家介紹最近和宜蘭佛光大學共同設開發的孝親專案。孝親專案是在提倡帶長輩出門,和長輩在風光明媚的農場共度輕鬆愉快的假期。

We found everyone is having a very busy life, we have very less quality time with parents, what we do is we designed programs which allow children to take their parents out to do the fun things together. For instance because we are a farm and we grow a lot of different fruits, vegetables and we have an outdoor kitchen, so what we do is that we take parents out and we collecting the fresh vege and collecting eggs, so we then bring all the collections to our outdoor kitchen and let them cook together. This is a very meaningful, simple and easy activity which bring parents and children together in a natural farm setting.


We are a leisure farm, a farm offering many activities, for example, bring parents and children into the chicken coop to collect eggs, you can see such a wonderful smile on the parent and the children faces. We find it is so meaningful that we are able to deliver this kind of program. Toucheng Leisure Farm is a farm for everyone so welcome everyone to Toucheng Leisure Farm to enjoy our variety activities, we are a farm suit for age 3 to 99.